What to Know About Grip Strength

Grip StrengthHave you ever thought about the importance of having a good grip strength? A lot of people think that this isn’t something to worry about.

However, developing one’s grip strength is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. As we get older our grip strength can actually diminish.

Our hands were designed to grip things. That is in fact why we have opposable thumbs in the first place. Our thumbs are able to flex and extend as we pick up things.

Thumbs can be used to hold something against a surface, hold a pen or even necessary for typing on a keyboard. In short, our hands can’t help but grip and grab stuff.

Both men and women have common gripping strengths, and this power to grip usually peaks between the age of 18 and 26.

After 26 years of age, gripping strength will begin to decline every ten years or so unless you do something to condition and train your hands, wrists, and forearms.

Did you know that muscles above and below the elbow contribute to your gripping strength?

Muscles crisscross the lower forearm and even above the elbow activate the fingers. In fact, these crisscrossing muscles are controlled by a number of factors. This includes conditioning, posture, and a person’s age.

With proper conditioning and training, you can increase your grip strength and continue increasing it even if you are 70 years old or more!

Serious musculoskeletal conditions aside, there is virtually nothing in your way in terms of developing your grip strength.

When you have increased grip strength you will be able to perform physical tasks, like turning knobs or lifting things with the ease. Your ability to pull and push is greatly influenced by your current grip.

To prove this point, let us look at what happens to a bodybuilder who has never trained their grip but suddenly gets the urge to do so.

This bodybuilder has plenty of lifting plateaus and is looking for a way to shake things up.

What usually happens 99% of the time is that bodybuilders who have suffered from plateaus will suddenly be able to lift 20% to 30% more after they have begun training to improve their grip strength.

Grip strength is more than just hand strength. It enhances your lifting power, too. You cannot lift things if you cannot grip them in the first place.

When lifting weights, the grip becomes important as a way to hold onto the weights such as a dumbbell or weight bar.

So, when you finally decide to work on your grip you are not just aiming to increase your gripping and crushing power. You are actually making the decision to strengthen your body and increase your overall lifting power.

You will be able to do better in sports and, in the long term, you will be healthier because people who develop their grip strength tend to become more active and engaged in regular physical activity.

And as we all know, not being engaged in physical activity can kill a person quickly through metabolic diseases such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and even diabetes.

Why We Need to Measure Hand Grip Strength

Various studies have shown the connections between grip strength and death or multiple chronic diseases is strong. In fact, grip strength was a better predictor of death or disease than blood pressure.

The Camry Digital Dynamometer is an easy and inexpensive way to evaluate a person’s health condition. Also, it can help to measure one’s grip strength progress that is important for good health.

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