How to Have a Sexy Six Pack

Men and women think very differently about a lot of things. But both sexes can appreciate a fit body. The problem here is that men don’t really understand what women want in terms of muscles on a man or which muscles even matter. However, a lot of women will agree they like to see a sexy six pack on a guy.

sexy six packA chiseled body is attractive and you should work on an all-over toning regimen so that you’re not left with one area that’s built right and the rest of your body in a flimsy shape.

Every woman will give you a different answer as to what her favorite part of the male body is. Some will be attracted to a set of six-pack abs, while others have eyes that head straight for the butt.

You want to make sure you have a great physique so that your body is attractive to all of the women you want to meet and so that you exude confidence when you’re out at the pool or elsewhere she might see your muscles.

There’s no denying the fact that women love a flat, carved out stomach on a guy. Whether she sees it on the beach or in a more intimate setting, she will love seeing a zero-flab tummy with a set of stacked abs.

This part of a man can be even more amplified for sexiness if he works on the specific V-Cut. This is the lower ab area that literally looks like a V right above the groin.

When a man is wearing swim trunks that are low, you can see the chiseled feature and it shows there’s not an ounce of fat on his body (not the bad kind, anyway).

sexy six packSome guys focus so much on chest and back muscles (or legs) that they leave their stomach all flabby. Even if you’re not carrying a stomach that makes you look like you have a bun in the oven, if it’s just a soft flat stomach, that’s not as sexy as carved abs are.

To achieve this look, you have to have a good combination of diet and exercise. You can exercise all you want, but if you eat nothing but junk food, you’ll find it hard to keep fat from piling up on your stomach.

When you start working on carving out this area of your stomach, you’ll notice that the V-Cut is hardest to achieve. You’ll get the six-pack of abs before the V-cut makes an appearance and if you start slacking at the gym or on your diet, it’ll disappear quickly.

Work on improving your diet to eliminate the fat stores on your body, but also go ahead and begin tightening your abs so that as soon as the fat melts off, women will be able to see the six pack forming.

While we’re on the subject, nothing goes better with a six pack of abs than a shaved chest and stomach. A six pack covered in hair is just a complete turn off for women and not the sexy six pack most women want to see.

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