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The hidden secrets of the “Greek God” body that women desire, and men envy…

Ever wondered what it really takes to pack on pounds of rock hard muscle that makes women weak at the knees, and guys furious with envy?

Tired of lifting pathetic 100lb weights, while other guys at the gym are pushing 400lbs like a bag of feathers?

Sick of reading, filtering and second-guessing hundreds of different articles, blog posts and forum answers, wondering what really works?

Then here’s everything you need to know, in one simple (and FREE) guide.


The Rock Hard Muscle Handbook

You’ll discover…

  • Why most muscle building programs get ditched, and the “equilibrium busting” secret that will crush your plateaus and keep you gaining muscle month after month
  • How to safely progress your workouts, and a simple rule to know when you’re pushing too hard
  • How much daily protein do you really need to gain lean muscle mass? (If you think it’s 80mg, think again…)
  • The testosterone threatening habit you’re probably tied to, how it affects your muscle gain, and a very simple way to eliminate it, tonight
  • The golden rule about eating before you sleep
  • What is your “one rep max” and why does it matter?
  • Introducing progressive straining, and 2 ways you can use it to pump up muscle mass
  • How to factor in “Range of Motion” to get maximum growth from each muscle group in your workout
  • How to “challenge your fibers” so your muscles grow, not strain, when training
  • How to choose the right intensity to your workout
  • The 4 weight lifting mistakes that could slow your results, or even cost your long-term health, and how to avoid them

Finally, you can enjoy…

  • Incredible core strength
  • Incredible physique
  • An unfair edge in sport
  • Improved sex life
  • Unstoppable confidence

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