Understanding Post-Workout Muscle Soreness, Part 2

Understanding Post-Workout Muscle Soreness, Part 2How can you better manage post-workout soreness if you are serious about bodybuilding? If you made a commitment to take your bodybuilding journey to its rightful conclusion then you definitely need a game plan for post-workout muscle soreness. Some bodybuilders don’t mind the pain; if this fits your attitude about it then congratulations, you’ve overcome... Read More »

Understanding Post-Workout Muscle Soreness, Part 1

Understanding Post-Workout Muscle Soreness, Part 1Why does post-workout soreness occur? People who lift weights on a regular basis know the feeling well. The pain often manifests twelve to twenty four hours after a heavy or intense workout. It affects all or nearly all of the major muscle regions that were used during the heavy workout… And the pain can be... Read More »

Bodybuilding – Developing Killer Motivation

Bodybuilding – Developing Killer MotivationHow can you develop the unstoppable motivation of pro bodybuilders? Bodybuilding is anything but easy. To say that anyone can succeed with bodybuilding is a myth because not everyone has the genes and more importantly, the motivation to succeed in this type of sport/physical activity. It’s not enough to have the height advantage or naturally... Read More »

The Ideal Muscular Body, Part 2: Muscle Size and Distinction

The Ideal Muscular Body, Part 2: Muscle Size and DistinctionWhat makes a bodybuilder worthy of being crowned a champion? In the first part of our series, we discussed the primary traits that competition judges are looking for in professional and amateur bodybuilders. We discovered the importance of developing the “X-form” as well as building enough mass around the joints to dwarf your joints to... Read More »

The Ideal Muscular Body, Part 1: Structure and Form

The Ideal Muscular Body, Part 1: Structure and FormWhat are the ideal characteristics of a bodybuilder’s body? People go into bodybuilding for different reasons. Some engage in weightlifting exercises to lose weight and build muscle mass to improve their looks. Others engage in bodybuilding to strengthen weak muscles and joints, as in the case of older males who are suffering from a lifetime... Read More »

Bodybuilding and Body Types

Bodybuilding and Body TypesHow do body types differ from each other? From an athletic point of view, ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs can be quite distinct from each other. Ectomorphs, or linear-leaning individuals, are often better suited for activities that require speed and stamina and they generally have longer limbs. The majority of professional basketball players possess the ectomorph... Read More »

Genes and Bodybuilding, Part 2

Genes and Bodybuilding, Part 2How much influence does your DNA have over muscle growth? In our previous article, we explored the role of genetics in determining the performance of a bodybuilder. We learned that while genes can sometimes make it easier for a bodybuilder to make specific gains (e.g. bigger biceps even with less training than one’s peers), we... Read More »

Genes and Bodybuilding, Part 1

Genes and Bodybuilding, Part 1How does your DNA affect your performance as a bodybuilder? Your own DNA is definitely a big factor when it comes to determining your natural performance and the results that you can expect to receive with specific exercises. Of course, we can’t do anything about your own genes. What we can do is work with... Read More »