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5 Tricks to Build Muscle

5 Tricks to Build MuscleBen Pakulski is the man to know if you are into bodybuilding. You may have heard of Ben, nicknamed the Pak-Man as he is a professional bodybuilder who is ripped and built like a house. The guy has won several bodybuilding competitions and has been doing this for many years. When it comes to building... Read More »

Working Out on the Beach

Working Out on the BeachIt is summertime and you might not feel like working out in the gym or even in your home. How about taking it to the beach? Working out on the beach will make your workouts fun and you get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Who doesn’t want a day at the beach? There are... Read More »

How to Have a Sexy Six Pack

How to Have a Sexy Six PackMen and women think very differently about a lot of things. But both sexes can appreciate a fit body. The problem here is that men don’t really understand what women want in terms of muscles on a man or which muscles even matter. However, a lot of women will agree they like to see a... Read More »

What to Know About Grip Strength

What to Know About Grip StrengthHave you ever thought about the importance of having a good grip strength? A lot of people think that this isn’t something to worry about. However, developing one’s grip strength is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. As we get older our grip strength can actually diminish. Our hands were designed to grip things.... Read More »

Only Ten Minutes for a Full Body Workout

Only Ten Minutes for a Full Body WorkoutMan Doing Pull UpsOne of the biggest problems for most people when it comes to building muscles, reducing fat and generally getting into better shape, is being able to stick to a plan. You don’t need to have a complicated plan. All you need is ten minutes for a full body workout. You need to... Read More »

How to Perform Gym Exercises Safely

How to Perform Gym Exercises SafelyDo you know how to perform gym exercises safely in your workout? You have to be very careful with strength training equipment because it may not be the most effective or functional available. How do you know that the exercises you are performing are safe? Found below are some potentially dangerous exercises with suggestions on... Read More »

Mastering Bodybuilding Workouts, Rest and Recovery

Mastering Bodybuilding Workouts, Rest and RecoveryHow mastering bodybuilding workouts will transform your workouts into pro-level, muscle-building sessions! Let’s face it: we aren’t always confident about our workouts. There is always a seed of doubt buried in the midst of our exertions. That seed grows into a forest of anxieties when we see how well other people are progressing with their... Read More »

Matters of Resistance, Part 2: Training Hard

Matters of Resistance, Part 2: Training HardHow can you consistently train hard for maximum strength and gains? In our previous blog post, we discussed the importance of form, technique and the proper ways of determining the right level of resistance for specific movements. We also learned that no one can tell you how much weight you can safely push, pull or... Read More »

Matters of Resistance, Part 1: Essential Tips

Matters of Resistance, Part 1: Essential TipsWhat is intensity and how does it contribute to a bodybuilder’s progress? The intensity of a weightlifting exercise is determined primarily by the resistance being used by the bodybuilder. Resistance, or the weight of the plates themselves, has a marked effect on the bodybuilder’s performance. Using lower resistance or lighter weights often allows the bodybuilder... Read More »

Powering Through Sets, Part 2: Pro-Grade Tips

Powering Through Sets, Part 2: Pro-Grade TipsHow do you power through sets and get the results you want?   In our previous article, we talked about the two biggest camps in bodybuilding: the high-intensity group and the classical group. The high-intensity group espouses the belief that higher resistance with fewer reps and sets is the best way to build mass and... Read More »